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Recently I wanted to familiarize myself with Google Cloud as I am using this at work. But I wanted to safe spot to make mistakes, so I wanted to bounce between different accounts, ones for personal, and ones required for my profession.

In order to use these gcloud command-line tools, you’ll need two things: unique project name to organize your activities and use of a graphical web browser. The web browser is needed to log in and authenticate against your Google Account. The browser and the tools do not have to be on the same system as you can copy-paste the authentication string. Here are the steps:

This will give you access to a single account with one or more projects. If you want to use another account, follow this pattern.

You can continue to create as many accounts as you need. With this you can review reference material, go through tutorials, play with intersection of other technologies like Chef, Knife, Ansible, Terraform, and so on.


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