Update to Nginx Ingress with Amazon EKS

Honestly, when I wrote this it worked, but in the following months things have changed. The charts have moved and are maintained elsewhere:

helm repo add ingress-nginx \
helm repo add bitnami https://charts.bitnami.com/bitnami

The should work with the same values, but if there are issues, I would recommending turning adding to the values.

helm install \
--name my-extdns \
--values values.external-dns.yaml \

For the , there’s a definite change needed (line 14), where needs to change to . I am not sure why this change was needed and why doesn’t work now. I updated the gist with the fix.

After the update, you can install it with:

helm install \
--name my-nginx \
--values values.nginx-ingress.yaml \

I hope this helps.

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