Building Amazon EKS with Terraform

Using Terraform to create an Elastic Kubernetes Service Cluster

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Required Tools

Doing it the Terraform Way

Setup Project Environment

mkdir -p ~/projects/eks-basic && cd ~/projects/eks-basic
export TF_VAR_eks_cluster_name=adorable-unicorn
export TF_VAR_region=us-east-2

Preparation for EKS Cluster

terraform init
terraform plan

Create the EKS Cluster

terraform apply

Configure Kubernetes CLI

export KUBECONFIG=$PWD/kubeconfig_${TF_VAR_eks_cluster_name}
kubectl get all --all-namespaces
Output of kubectl get all command

Deploying Applications

Create Deploy Manifest


Deploy the Pods

kubectl apply -f hello-k8s-deploy.yaml
kubectl get pods
Output of kubectl get pods

Create Service Manifest


Deploy the Service

kubectl apply -f hello-k8s-svc.yaml
kubectl get svc
Output of kubectl get svc

Connecting to the Application

Cleaning Up

kubectl delete -f hello-k8s-deploy.yaml
kubectl delete -f hello-k8s-svc.yaml
terraform destroy


Terraform Related

Kubectl Install

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