Securing traffic with Istio service mesh on AKS

Using gRPC with ingress-nginx add-on with AKS

Securing Secrets using Vault and AppRole Auth

Deploy ExternalDNS (AzureDNS) with Terraform on AKS

Provision an AKS Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform

Configuring Azure CNI Network Plugin with PodSubnetPreview

Default kubenet plugin

The default network plugin that comes with a vanilla Kubernetes cluster, including AKS, is the kubenet:

Adding Pod Identity magic for granular access to Azure resources

Securing internal traffic with Linkerd on AKS

Using Calico Network Policy with Azure Kubernetes Server

Using Azure container registry with Azure Kubernetes Server

Joaquín Menchaca (智裕)

Linux NinjaPants Automation Engineering Mutant — exploring DevOps, o11y, k8s, progressive deployment (ci/cd), cloud native infra, infra as code

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